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IFA in West Virginia - Insights for 2023

Article published on on December 29, 2021

What an exciting time for the Intercessors for America group in West Virginia! Our weekly prayer time is becoming a valued and anticipated time of the week for those attending.

On average, we have 18 individuals on the Monday evening call. These are individuals who are showing commitment to intercessory prayer for our state and our nation. Additionally, these individuals have a vision for where God is leading in our time of prayer together. These precious visions are insights into the heart of our heavenly Father for our great state of West Virginia as well as for our nation.

Our hearts are heavy with longing for revival in which souls are saved and lives are changed, revival that will allow the shift required to turn our state and our nation back to the righteousness of God. One of our prayer warriors shared a personal vision of a huge, white, shining cloud covering the state of West Virginia. He shared how the cloud permeated and transformed many areas: “A great harvest of souls is coming!”

Very often our group is praying for the pastors and leadership within the churches — praying that the pastors will preach the entire truth of the gospel. We need bold, strong pastors who are fearless in the face of adversity or criticism to bring forth the word of God and to be a great light upon a hill into the darkest areas of our communities.

These agendas that seek to destroy our children are always top in our lists of prayers. We seek God’s guidance in putting forth individuals in positions on school boards, in city councils, and in state legislatures, especially those who are Christians. As a group we cover them with prayer and seek a hedge of protection upon them and their families. The devil has no authority, and we dismantle his ways with our continual praises to the Lord for His greatness.

This mighty group of prayer warriors finish our prayer time with the blowing of the shofar as our acknowledgement of VICTORY! We know that our God has inclined His ear to our cries and pleas for our state and national concerns. We shout out “Praise the Lord!” as our final praise to our Jehovah Sabbaoth, God the Mighty Warrior!

As the leader of the group and through my personal time of prayer and seeking God’s guidance (along with the wonderful Derek Prince books), I have implemented fasting into my regular schedule on the day of our prayer group. Additionally, I have invited anyone in the group to join me in this effort, as Scripture clearly tells us to fast corporately, which several have committed to doing. We are also planning as a group to enter a Daniel fast on January 3 to further seek the face of God and His guidance and revelation.

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