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Prayers have wings

My heart spoke words of love and care while my thoughts were wrapped around you, as if I was delivering that much needed hug so many miles away.

As the words escaped my mouth so did the tears as they tumble down my face. I ask the Lord to do for you what I cannot. I ask for His loving care to embrace you and show you how very much you are loved.

Gratitude is my beginning. My words end with the same. The brush of wings caress my cheek as the angel delivers my prayer. In the very same instant my friend receives her hug and the attentive care of her special angel. All this done through words from the created to the Creator.

Have you ever received news that immediately created a conversation with the Heavenly Father? A need that required attention from the Creator of all things, the master physician and lover of my soul.

This seems to happen more often these days but this particular need came from a friend thousands of miles away. She was ill and quickly loosing means of connection to all things familiar. Although our communications were somewhat brief I felt her need as if it were my own. I carried this directly to The Father. It was one of those moments in my life I literally felt my prayers being delivered. I knew the love and care in my heart for my dear friend had accomplished its purpose. Our mutual Father and healer had reached from heaven and with one hand in West Virginia and the other in Arizona delivered my heart to my friend.

I am thankful for an attentive, caring Father. My friend reports that she is not alone she feels the presence of the

Lord and continues to have marked improvement on her health. Praise the Lord.

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