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Redeeming Love ❤

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I am so tired. So tired of being drug through every bit of junk to make somebodies point. I know my life should have been different, I know there has been so much wasted. I feel the shame in all the past decisions, the shame in not getting it right.

Through the fog in my head and sweat dripping down my face I hear footsteps crunching through the gravely ground surrounding me, a shadow blocks the sharp glare of the sun from my face. With the very last bit of energy I have left I open my eyes.

Words cannot describe what stands before me. A smile enters my face. Ever so slowly my hands lift up towards His outstretched arms. In an instant I am transformed. His touch changes everything. My clothes are no longer rags but beautiful rich linens etched in strands of gold. My hair no longer matted and carrying the stench of last night's drunk but has been washed and resting in perfect order upon my head. I have been restored to the child of the King.

One minute I'm lost, I'm ruined, I'm nothing. Then my Savior finds me. He's been searching for me even in those dark dungeons where I attempted to hide from Him. He wouldn't give up on me. I was His masterpiece, His deepest joy. He longed for my fellowship with him.

These things are beyond my full understanding. All I know, I was lost but now I'm found. My life will forever be changed.

Today I go with my Savior in search of my brothers and sisters. Those who are lost and hiding in their shame. Hold on friend.... we are on our way. He will not give up, I will not give up. His redeeming love is waiting for you.

He will search and will not rest till He finds you. That tug on your heart is Him... He is here, He's waiting.

I am a child of God; my Heavenly Father loves me.

Psalms 82:6

As a matter of clarification. My writings are written with a lot of symbolism throughout. In this writing when the subject meets Jesus I describe them as having new clothes and cleaned up immediately. The moment you accept Jesus Christ you become a Child of the most High God. This is the new condition of our heart and spirit. Understanding that God begins the work of clearing out the old habits and damage done through improper living, that is the flesh. The spirit immediately belongs to God and there by immediately transformed. Praise the Lord.

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