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Redeemed and Restored

Ed and I were shopping earlier in the week. We came upon a young lady who was very obviously deep in addiction. As we passed her I began praying for her "Redeem her Lord, redeem her." I grabbed Ed's hand and we prayed right there for this woman to be healed of these addictions.

I cannot get her out of my mind. It's been three days and my heart still feels this deep hurt in my heart, its as if I feel her pain.

I look at her and I see her. I know she's in not enjoying this trap of drugs. I know she's desperate to find her way out of the lies of the devil. I also know that in her heart she believes there's no hope. But what I also know and believe to depths of my heart is there is might God who loves her deeply. He wants to restore her to woman he created her to be. God will provide her a path to recovery and restoration. "Redeem her Lord.... Redeem her I pray!"

That same day I received a message from a sweet friend whom we helped in a small way find her way from the depths of addiction. She was so excited to announce that she was 252 clean and so proud of the progress made since last Christmas. The following day she sends me a picture and a comment that simply read "I got my new smile".

This picture represents so much more than a new smile. This shows a life that has been changed by the grace of God. She has found a new meaning in life. She gives God the glory for restoring her back to the beautiful women He intended her to be. My heart swells with joy and happiness for her and her family this Christmas season. They have so much to be thankful for during this time of family gatherings.

My thoughts turn back to the woman in the aisle of the store. God desires to redeem and restore her as well. Beneath the ravages of an existing addiction is a child of the most high God and he desires to redeem and restore her to who she was created to be.

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