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Love wins the Addiction Battle

Fighting addiction? Love someone fighting addiction? Drugs, alcohol or sexual addiction destroying their life?

This is a personal account of working through addiction to a place of recovery with my husband. Drugs and alcohol addiction has stolen many years from my husband’s life. When we met, I knew there was issues, but didn’t fully understand how deep these problems were until we had moved to Savannah Georgia together (prior to getting married). I quickly found out, when there was no escape route for either of us, how deeply seeded these habits were and how strong a hold they had upon his life.

The day came when it was do or die, give it up or we were done. We began our life of recovery together. This book offers practical, yet tough tools I implemented in helping my husband become free from life-long addiction. My goal in sharing these events in our lives is that you will find hope in knowing a life free of addiction does exist. Possibly find a few of the tools I used, to help you in supporting your loved one through their greatest struggle.

Love wins the Addiction Battle

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  • A few tools included in the book providing quick, life saving tips:

    • Tough Love
    • Stop Enabling
    • Understanding Triggers
    • Give credit when credit is due

    Loving someone with an addiction can be the hardest journey you endeavor to take. Sharing my journey will provide hope and tools to offer you encouragement, as well as help in understanding your loved one. We fully believe LOVE WINS the battle in fighting addiction. Destroy the addiction cycle with Love.


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