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"Feed People"   Book One Dream Believe Follow Series

“Feed People.” These were the God-given words whispered in the ear of Donna Rollyson. The visions and miracles that followed revealed God’s ultimate plan for them, their future ministry, and a community in rural West Virginia. From this point forward, God led Donna and her husband, Ed, on a journey perfectly orchestrated with events to bring them to repair an old country church and open a food pantry, named Always Blessed Connections, to feed His people.


In “Feed People,” a divine dream comes to life in the span of three years. In this true story of obedience, faith, and action, two individuals are brought together by a call to ministry and the desire to correct their life’s course. Together, they become renewed by God’s call upon their lives. Eager to follow God’s plan and willing to let go of their own plans and agendas to submit to His will, the couple returns to their home state, exactly where He needed them in order for them to grow and be effective in His ministry.


Donna and Ed’s story inspires you to see God’s orchestration into the events around you, past, present, and future. We must hear His voice and be obedient in every direction He takes us, even when faced with the seemingly impossible. God goes far in advance of our understanding to bring about His perfection in us for His glory; all we have to do is have faith and follow His lead.

"Feed People" Book One Dream Believe Follow Series

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  • True story about God's plan to bring Ed and Donna Rollyson to West Virginia.  This book is easy to read with 5 parts and short chapters for an easy flow reading experience.  

  • Donna is booking for limited availablity for your next women's conference or women's retreat.  Allow her to engage your audience with the joy and struglle of her true story.  God's vision is not just for her but many women to see the spark that can become a flame. 

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