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My Warning Dreams

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

God loves His children. With a love that offers guidance and when needed, warning. A perfect example is when Jesus tells Peter that the devil wants to sift him like wheat. This was a warning that the devil had approached heaven to test Peter, to see what he was made of. Some trials are allowed to sift or strengthen us. Test our faith to see if we will stay the course.

Around the first of the year, I had the first, of what would end up being three warning dreams. I was in my home, not my current home but you know how dreams work, I knew I was home. I was walking into the bathroom and there behind the toilet was a snake that came slithering out. The nasty critter was huge. But quickly, as if I didn’t even need to get my husband’s attention, there he was to dispose of this slithering menace.

I knew immediately that this snake dream was not just a dream, but a warning! Someone who was close to me (in my circle) was not as they might appear. I told my husband of the dream, and we had a few discussions and moved on. Keeping this in the back of my mind for future reference.

Then the second dream happened, this one more disturbing. In my dream I was asleep in my bed. As I slept, there was a very tiny red and black snake that was moving in and out from under my pillow and beside me within eyesight. Again, as I woke, I knew immediately that this was another warning dream. Be careful Donna who has your ear. Be careful who you share intimate details with … not everyone, no matter how they may appear, is to be trusted was the clear message being sent my way.

I had already become aware of someone who was not as they might first appear. The old saying that if someone is talking to you about everyone else, most likely they are doing the same behind your back. Eyes wide open on those things around me, I went about the normal things life requires. Ministry life requires a great deal more, in my opinion. Requires a true love that can only be obtained through a close relationship with God. This doesn’t mean you get walked over but means that you see people through the eyes of the Father. Looking at people as Christ might see them you begin to see them as hurt and desperate for whatever is missing in their lives. I attempted to view this person with the eyes of Christ. Praying for them and the deeper need for Christ to rule in areas of their life.

Then the third dream came along. This one was downright disturbing. Speaking to those out there who also have no interest in snakes, or who get a little wheezy in their stomachs when accidently crossing paths with these slithering serpents, this dream rattled me!

Again, I was at home. This time the home resembled our place in Savannah. The only difference, there was a door, like a storm door, leaving the living room into the dining room area. I had gone into the living room and in the far corner was a large snake. Upon entering the room, the snake shot across the room and went under the couch towards me. I am quickly putting myself in reverse and attempting to get the dog to follow me. It was at this time I was at the door when the snake shot up with mouth open wide, right for my face. This is the scene left in my memory as I awakened.
Absolutely no doubt that this was a warning dream that the snake was preparing to strike. Strike it did! It wasn’t a few months later that the slithering serpent in my life who was attempting to have my ear was now on a full-blown attack. But God had prepared me. I knew what was coming. I knew this was the intention.

We can be so tuned into the heart of our heavenly Father that He will find ways to warn us of things around the next corner. This personal attack that I experience has still hurt to the core. But knowing God had seen what I was going to face gives me comfort that He knew. He knew the pain I would endure; He knew the friendships that would be lost, He knew how some would believe the lies of the enemy and cause another level of hurt that has kept me up at night on the battlefield.

All His knowing and revelation to me didn’t change the attack. So why warn me? "For He spoke, and it came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm." Psalms 33:9

I love it when my heavenly Father speaks to me. Sharing with me many secrets; His secrets and the secrets of the enemy. Having such foreknowledge allows me insight into more effective prayer. Praying for my enemy. Praying for strength. Praying for the refining fire to deepen my love, forge my heart closer to that of my Father.

He gave me another dream last night. Very short and lacking detail. I know more will come. The exciting part; this one is bright, this one expresses the light at the end of a very long tunnel. I am ready! I am prepared!

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