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Tucked away ❤

What makes a special memory? The amount of blue in the sky? The color of the leaves? Green, yellow or bright orange. Or gently falling from the breeze moving them from branch to forest floor? Everytime we retain a special memory in our mind and in our hearts so many little details get tucked away, not just one memory but dozens of details that will be used by the mind, possibly the heart to retrieve that special moment in time. A song, a smell, the sound of a distant brook.

I took the time to retain such a memory just recently. It was a fall day where the leaves had begun their transformation from summer shades of green to those glorious shades of autumn. The sky was brilliant blue and sun sliding its way westward toward the end of another blessed Sabbath. We had completed our duties for the day followed by a shared meal. I escorted my guests to the front door to say our goodbyes.

As they took steady slow steps to their car his hand reached out to meet hers. Having performed this simple act of care for nearly 57 years, without thought their hands met and locked till the destination reached. They settled into their car to head home having completed their hearts desire for the day.

For these two devoted lovers their hearts desire is not just for each other but for their Lord and Savior. Dedicated as one to One.

Observing and cherishing this short slice of time which represents a lifetime of devotion. Devotion to each other as well as their dedication to Christ Jesus. It's how they raised us kids and how they care for their family.

I deliberately tucked away the details of this moment into my heart. Deep realization that every moment remaining with these two who hold a delicate piece of my being are becoming more limited with each passing day. I choose to be present, be loving, be forgiving, be aware. I desire more...many more.

I am thankful. Thankful for each day, thankful for whom God had chosen for me to call Mom and Dad. Thankful our God has awarded us more time together.

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