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The Dream comes to Life!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

It was late March in 2020. I abruptly woke from a dream that was the most vivid, real dream I have ever experienced. I went about the house to find my husband, Ed. I located him on the back patio talking to his mom, Susie on the phone. Without hesitation I announced, “I just had a dream about the rapture!”

In the dream I am standing in a little country church to the right of the pulpit. I don’t recall any familiar faces. I do recall feeling a presence to my right. There was a bearded man that was sitting on the front pew on the right, we have yet to meet. As a congregation we were singing “Hark the Harold angels sings”. The little church had people throughout, not full but not sparse either. All of a sudden the rapture took place. All the people on the left-hand side of the church were gone in an instant. What was a little weird was the pews disappeared as well. Nothing but little piles of dust covering the wooden floor. In the amount of time it took me to think “Why am I still here?” I vanished and disappeared. I woke out of the dream quickly.

I shared my dream with my family and various people that I met over the next month or two. We even scheduled a special family zoom meeting so that I could share my dream. It was one of those dreams that I couldn’t shake from my thoughts.

Three months later we are in West Virginia beginning to make much needed repairs to Ed’s moms’ bathroom. Susie had been traveling for over 8 months and returned to find her bathroom floor was about to collapse. Ed was anxious to help make the needed repairs to her bathroom floor, so we set aside the time on our schedule for mid-June.

We arrived on a Monday; demo started on Tuesday giving us a better idea of initial materials needed. Wednesday we were going to head out to gather supplies. First, we planned to meet Uncle Jim and Aunt Vera for lunch at Pizza Hut. At the last minute we found that Pizza Hut was closed. Instead we headed to the Minney’s Restaurant just a few miles away. As we pulled in the parking lot I noticed an older man sitting in his car. As we got out of our car he struck up a conversation. He was in need of help to unload a trailer with some furniture on it and didn’t have the needed help to get it unloaded. He and Susie discussed the location and not surprising Susie knew exactly where we were to go. We made the plans to meet at 12:30 which gave us plenty of time to go inside and eat lunch.

We arrived exactly at 12:30. As we pulled into the driveway as if God himself spoke to me I knew immediately this was the church of my dream. I told Ed and he looked at me rather surprised. I couldn’t wait to walk through those doors to see if the inside was anything like my dream. After all, my dream solely took place inside the church. The Lord was preparing me in advance for what awaited me once we went through the doors.

The truck was backed up to the entrance of the church porch. Ramp was down and doors wide open. I was laser focused on getting inside the doors and seeing if this little church was anything like my dream. I walked in and about fell over. Just like my dream there was nothing on the left-hand side of the church (right side as you walk in, left from the platform), nothing but little piles of dust.

I made my way to the front and stood exactly where I was standing in my dream that took place three months earlier. I took a few pictures immediately sending out to my mom and my sister stating, “I am currently standing in my dream”. My sister replied with “that’s a little creepy”.

I had a conversation with the Lord right then and there. “Lord you have my attention, what ever you want I am all ears”. I knew that God had orchestrated this event. From giving me the dream to placing us in the dream through these series of events. This would be the beginning of a new life for us. Much more would happen in the coming months.


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