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"Love Wins the Addiction Battle" by Donna Rollyson

An excerpt from my first published book.... Release date coming soon.

Portion of the Forward:

"The information contained within this little book represents my experience in traveling the road of recovery with my husband. Some may be useful to you, some may not. Some may seem extreme (because they are) and too much for you to take on or for the amount of time required. Certainly understandable. As you read, I hope you receive encouragement and possibly some helpful tools to improve your journey in helping a loved one recover from addiction."

Portion of Chapter 5 - Seek out someone with whom they can relate:

"It was a beautiful spring day to visit a couple who had spent the last 10 years in addiction. There was nothing I could say that would resonate with them. I had never done hard drugs and had not been down this path. My husband, however, shared for three hours his journey, his loosing his boys, his nearly 30 years of destruction and at the end posed the question to them. “Isn’t 10 years of this enough for you?” I watched a miracle happen that day. I watched a man who destroyed his life with drugs and alcohol, now clean and sober talk openly and honestly to these beautiful human beings. He could talk their language, understand their pain, and convince them like no other that they could live a life that didn’t involve drugs. My husband is a walking example of hope to the alcoholic and addict. In fact, within a few days, we had this same couple in the back of our car heading to rehab and the sweet little voice of the young lady deemed Ed was no longer a drug dealer but a HOPE DEALER!"

I am so very excited that I have finished my first book. Its currently with a designer for the cover and will be released on Kindle and available in print through Amazon. My goal is by my birthday!!!

I have several others that I am working on and hope to have the next book, "Feed People" ready as early as Fall 2022!

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