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"Feed people"

During the early months of 2020 just as covid was beginning to be discussed, I heard two words very clearly from the Lord, "FEED PEOPLE"! Anyone who has received a word from the Lord knows for certain when He speaks, there is no doubt that it is His voice in my ear.

Within days I am discussing this word from the Lord with my pastor and some of the women in our church. At the time we were still living in Savannah GA and attending a church with a wonderful campus with fellowship hall, kitchen and an already existing food pantry.

My excitement was through the roof and I began to visualize a feeding program there at our church. It was around that time that our District Superintendent shared a video of a church near Atlanta with an amazing food program that set my already excited plan to a higher level.

But God was working on another plan all together.

Within a few months God would call us back to our home state of West Virginia to repair and open an old country church. The first thing to open was our food pantry on December 1, 2020. That was almost 16 months ago.

We have been blessed over and over again to distribute food to people all over our community in the past 16 months. But it was a scene that took place today that tells the real story for God's two words spoken to me over two years ago.

We received a little retail order from those items just pulled off the shelf of the local Walmart. Included is a great variety of produce and frozen meats, deli breads and snacks. The first to arrive to our pantry is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. We got to discussing the beautiful apples in the box that arrived just a few short hours ago. She proceeds to tell me how she doesn't generallybuy apples as they are so pricey. Fresh apples at $1.69 a pound is hard to swing when gas prices are through the roof along with every other item required to live.

I couldn't help but in my spirit begin thanking the Lord for speaking so clearly to me those two precious words. "Feed People". Our little pantry has an open door to reach into the real day to day needs of precious souls. My husband takes the opportunity to pray and speak the love of Jesus into each precious face that comes through our doors.

I share this story to give all the glory to God for going before us and knowing this huge need our little community would have. Our Heavenly Father knows our needs long before they become a reality. Just like He did with Joseph and the Hebrew people. God sent Joseph ahead to prepare the way for the coming need. He had this magnificent plan in mind when He spoke those two word to me. "FEED PEOPLE"

Thank you Lord, my heart is overwhelmed with Your goodness and care for Your people.

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