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Experiencing Moravian Falls: God’s Divine Meeting Place

Imagine a place where peace envelopes around you like a warm blanket on a chilly morning. Where around every corner could be your next miracle, your next healing, your next encounter with a heavenly being. A place where others, much like yourself are seeking the face of God. A hungering in your spirit to be there, to experience that direct connection between this world and heaven. Where it seems no apposing force exists, just you and the Mighty God you serve. The nearest thing to our eternal home on this earth.

Beautifully nestled on Brushy Mountain range, a spur off the Blue Ridge Mountains, away from those things that can so easily distract from time spent with our Heavenly Father; sets this lodge and retreat center where “He may teach us His ways and we may walk in His paths.” As I describe to you the rich history of prayer and worship from this special mountain location, you will begin to see why people from all over the world are drawn to experience the nearness of Heaven and its wonders of healing and renewal.

This is exactly what drew my husband and I to Moravian Falls for our anniversary getaway. We can recall being told about the falls some time back but couldn’t really say what placed it on our hearts to go early January as a late celebration for our anniversary. We were unable to get away during that week as our ministry obligations would not allow. But immediately following those set commitments we made our reservations and headed south from our West Virginia home.

We were very fortunate to have booked the Angel cabin for our three-night stay and couldn’t wait to see what special revelation the Lord would unveil during our stay. Immediately as we exited the Jeep there was an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. A feeling of peace and serenity was almost tangible to the touch. As believers and familiar with the presence of the Lord this presence was thick, sweet and inviting.

Having reached the top of the mountain we began our decent down a narrow road where Angel cabin sat nestled in the woods, a babbling brook with its own little falls could be heard throughout the days of our visit. A screened in porch was perfect for our special time with The Word and our thoughts of our Heavenly Creator. Occasionally the wind chimes would tinkle their special song when the breeze would make its way down into this secluded wooded valley. It would be later in our visit I would be blessed with supernatural sound that still rings in my ear.

Arriving early evening on Monday, within a few hours I was scheduled to lead our state’s weekly prayer call. I was so excited to pray from this christened cabin and shared my location with those on our call. Again, that heavy, sweet presence was felt throughout our pray time as the Holy Spirit gathered our petitions and delivers them straight to the Throne Room of Heaven. We lingered in the presence of the Spirit as we finished our call having blown the shofar, lifted our hands towards heaven with three shouts of PRAISE THE LORD!

The rain would arrive on Tuesday and fill the valley with thick, mountain fog and moisture from heaven. We made our way off the mountain to see the falls in which the area was named after. A 35-foot falls with a grist mill where in years past would supply the area a way to grind grains into flour. This privately owned falls is home to many angelic sightings or other supernatural events. Our visit was marked by a divine appointment in meeting a sister in Christ from Florida and sharing our testimonies and keeping the connection God set before us.

We welcomed an invitation to join the “Fire on the Mountain” time of prayer and worship that is offered each week at Apple Hill Lodge. “Can you not pray with me one hour” was the call to prayer. Popcorn style prayer was seasoned with language accents as other nations were represented. Every prayer was from a child of the King having their own personal relationship with him. But for that night we were brought into this lower room of the lodge for the purpose of edifying the body and crying out collectively to our Father the cares and concerns of our hearts. Shortly after entering prayer, I felt a brush against my face. Not wind, not someone walking by, but the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit touched my face as it went around the room. As our season of prayer closed and worship time began, our hearts were prepared for what I can best describe as a time of complete freedom of worship. Individuals from other countries, states, ages and denominations entered a time of praise that was unique and different yet in perfect unity. Unity in the purpose of worshipping our Heavenly Father.

There is reason for such unity, such brotherhood among believers. The settlers of this area, the Moravians, originated from Bohemia becoming refugees went to Germany to seek peace. There a rich man, Count Zenzendorf took them in allowing them to live on his large estate, providing them safety from persecution they experienced in other areas. Persecution of the Moravians began 100 years prior to the Reformation because they were experiencing the truth of the scriptures and living according to what they read and understood. This makes the Moravians the first protestant group to move away from the Catholic teaching and were indeed persecuted for their new understanding of the Word of God.

When arriving to America they first attempted to settle in Georgia. Later traveled to Pennsylvania and finally journeyed south into North Carolina. They settled in the land in 1752 having purchased a 100,000-acre tract of land naming it Wachovia. Later the area would be renamed Moravian Falls after the people themselves and the 35-foot drop falls in the area. But it is their legacy of prayer that was established and generated through a great revival that broke out in Germany in 1727. It is at that time they dedicated themselves to continuous prayer which would last 100 years. Two people every hour, every day, every year for 100 years. Within the first 25 years they began to send out missionaries around the world. Their goal, not to start new churches but to assist in any current church and establish in areas where none existed. They wrote a Unity of the brethren agreement where such phrases as “In essential unity, in non-essentials freedom, in everything love” are derived.

This dedication to prayer saturated this mountain for many years. Through their love of God and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, they served one another but their real service was to others. Having settled among the Cherokee Indians in this area of these mountains, their dedication and love for their Cherokee friends and neighbors were so deep and of such great affection, that when that horrible time in history removed them from their land, the Moravians traveled with their displaced Indian friends on the trail of tears. Supporting, crying and even dying alongside their friends because their hearts were so turned to God and serving others, not themselves. “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13

Hundreds of years later their intention to pray and serve the one true God has resulted in a manifestation of the supernatural. An open portal to heaven whereby many who visit can not only feel closer to God and feel his presence but may also witness miracles, healing and angelic activity. These gates or doors are portals established by God for access directly to heaven without the interference of demonic activity. The delivering of messages, healing and revelations are clearer with greater insight having removed that barrier of those that desire to interfere.

This Biblical reality is seen when Jacob witnessed angels ascending and descending on the ladder to heaven. (Genesis 28:10-18) Even greater things were witnessed by John in the book of Revelations when he was told to “Come up here” (4:1) and see heaven and the throne through an open door. These Biblical descriptions of portals or access doors to heaven are marked by angelic sighting and great revelations and special encounters. This place draws people from all over the world to experience the peace and serenity of the mountain but also to gain a closer relationship, a connection to the Heavenly realm.

At More Moravian Falls the variety of eyewitness accounts are numerous and appear to be personal to the individuals need. For me, as I mentioned earlier, I heard something that would forever ring in my ears. On three separate occasion I heard a flute playing. It wasn’t playing a melody but one long, clear note. Being very interested in why I would hear a flute as my special encounter, I find that the Cherokee men would play their flutes as a special love song to their beloved. As my husband and I were celebrating our anniversary I would find the playing of the flute an appropriate encounter. Other common sounds in the valley are the playing of drums, footsteps and fluttering sounds.

Angel Cabin, Breakthrough Cabin and Apple Hill Lodge NC are orchestrated with excellence by two amazing individuals along with their staff and apprentices. Mark and Nancy Brown’s story is nothing short of one designed by God himself. God will organize the most amazing journeys should we allow His operation in our lives and that is how Mark and Nancy have lived theirs. They have journeyed from the life of business to missionaries to Mongolia to further education in ministry. In 2016 they felt the tide changing once again and waited for the Lord’s instructions. Their hearts were being drawn to the mountain of Moravian Falls. Up to this point finding anything to purchase was impossible in the area but as God would have it, they were able to purchase their first property which would be their primary home. At that time the Angel cabin was also available but having a large family of 9 children the thought of holidays and times where the entire crew descending upon the home would have been impossible to manage.

God later orchestrated perfectly the purchase of Angel Cabin, later Breakthrough and after an insightful meeting with a stranger who informed Mark that through a word of knowledge that he would soon be purchasing Apple Hill Lodge. Adding to his message was “Don’t worry about the money, God will provide”. All came together within a 9-month birthing period and Apple Hill Lodge was apart of their MORE mission.

M…Miracles O…wOrship R…Relationship E…Entertaining His presence.

Their mission is to offer their portion of this location as a place to gather, to experience a closeness to God an open arena for breakthroughs to dreams, visions and interpretations. Those with willing hearts to receive an impartation of the Fire of God leading to a deeper relationship with God.

For over a decade this location has drawn in some of the top in prophetic voices to receive deeper insight and greater connection with God. Bobby Conner, John Paul Jackson, Mick Bickle, Bob Jones, Fred Brayson and Rick Joyner to name a few. The lists of testimonies are too lengthy to mention on healing, encounters, revelations and reality of God’s closer presence while on the mountain.

To add a little icing on this mountain top is Prayer Mountain. A short drive or sturdy hike up the mountain from the Lodge is a prayer deck where one can see for miles. Chairs are set sporadically along the pathway for visitors to linger in their communion with God Almighty. Everything about the top of this mountain is a welcomed visit from Heaven. All you need bring is a heart for God, an open spirit to consider the supernatural and allow His sweet presence to reveal to you MORE.

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