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Add some leaven to your Christian walk

I've recently taken up milling my own grains and making fresh bread and other goodies with whole wheat goodness. Last weekend I tried a new recipe that was a complete disaster. The dough wouldn't rise and after hours waiting I went a head and baked it and attempted to eat it. The flavor was good but it was dense and was not the fluffy bread I had hoped for.

So the next time I decided to bake I thought I might test my yeast first to make sure it was still active. There in lies the problem.

I started with the warm water and added the yeast and waited for the bubbles and movement to begin. Nothing. So then I pulled out another bag of yeast that I had kept in the freezer. Starting once again with the warm water then added the new yeast. Within no time the bowl of warm water begins to move and the yeast begins to take on its own life. Soon the surface is frothy and flowering the life that comes from the yeast.

While leaning across my countertop and peering into this bowl of tan bubbling water I began to think of life with the Holy Spirit. How such a small amount can cause such an eruption in one's life. And the spreading effect is much like a body of believers on fire for the Lord. Bubbling and active and ready to spread and change the world around them.

Today I not only learned a lesson on dead yeast but related it to dead religion. I want my life to reflect live yeast that changes everything. I desire a life full bubbling with the love of God that has no option but to spread to everyone around. The kind that is seen both near and far.

Lord Jesus, make me like that small amount of active yeast in a bowl of water. Bubble me into a life that affects everyone I connect with. Help me show your amazing love to those in need of your care. Gather together your great army of believers, full of love and the Holy Spirit to activate and forever change our marriages, our families, our schools, our community and our great nation, all for our great God.

Matthew 13:33

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