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Feed your soul

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

A few years back I was very ill in my fight against Lymes Disease. I come to find I needed afternoon naps. What?? An afternoon nap sounded like something mom's created for toddlers to allow afternoon peace, or those in their 90s means to get through the day. I quickly found these times of sleep so vital to my recovery. Additional rest was needed for my ailing body and mental strength.

The other morning I woke with the thoughts of "rest" in my heart almost like I was in mid conversation with the Lord on the subject. We were discussing how important this requirement is for our bodies, physically and mentally. To operate in peak condition we must allow and encourage sweet sleep... resting all parts of our being.

My thoughts soon led to the Sabbath, a day of rest. Rest from the daily grind and busyness of life. But its really so much more. It's an entire day set aside for special fellowship with our creator. Our Heavenly Father in His great design for creation knew how important rest is for our beings. To come into fellowship with Him as our place of rest, our souls benefit from this sweet solitude. In fact to flourish, we must abide in Him. Saturate our souls deep need for fellowship with Him. How can we possibly grow and mature as spiritual beings if we don't take "feed" upon that which sustains life.

Recently having finished a spirit filled Sunday service, my Dad comments on the way out the door that his soul has been fed. You see he came with a willing heart to receive and fellowship with other believers. This time given to the Lord is given back to us in the feeding of our deepest parts of our beings. We need this, in fact we crave it. Our souls only source of fulfill comes from our creator.

For peak spiritual and frankly overall improved physical, mental and spiritual well-being, dedicate the Sabbath to the Lord. Focus the day on your relationship with Him. My hope is that those who read this challenge and will take it to heart will return months later with a testimony of the great things revealed to you in this time of reflection and rest.

On a personal note: I don't feel as if I've not fully developed what God is seeking to reveal to me. I will be spending my Sabbaths in deeper reflection on the subject. I look forward to the conversation on this subject. How do you prepare your heart for the Sabbath?

What might you need to eliminate from your routine to better "rest" and focus your attention upon the Lord?

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